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Linear motors ensure that the PLUS has excellent dynamic performance, which translates into high traverse speeds of 140 m/min and an acceleration of 2.2 g, all of which benefits productivity. The PLUS is available with a working area of 3080×2050 mm. The system can be equipped with a pallet changer to speed up the loading/unloading phases without interrupting processing.




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PLUS CP 2515/3020





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PLUS FIVE is an innovative laser cutting system with 5 axes, including 3 Cartesian axes (X, Y, Z) and two polar axes (B, C). Its monolithic structure with an on-board laser source reduces installation times to a minimum and ensures extremely stable optical alignment. The linear motors for the X and Y axes guarantee excellent dynamic performance together with very high accuracy. The motors for the rotary axes (B, C) are fixed and the rotational motion is transmitted to the focusing head through coaxial sleeves. This makes it possible to make a head that is small enough to enter tight spaces during processing.





High application flexibility: plane cutting, 3D piece cutting, pipe cutting, angled cutting

  • Excellent quality and high accuracy cutting
  • Excellent performance on the 3D system market
  • Moving optics: accuracy that is independent of the workpiece weight
  • Simpler and less expensive equipment
  • Easier and faster production changes compared to moving table systems
  • Full accessibility, easy installation
  • Structure with excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Availability of various different system configurations and variants based on customers’ production needs
  • Low investment and operating costs



Technical specifications