The Laser

Our technology


Laser technology has revolutionized the way companies work, increasing the speed and quality of material cutting, with an accuracy never seen before. For companies that use them, laser processes offer substantial cost optimization thanks to the linear motor technology in every system sold by Laseremme.

The benefits of working with our lasers:

• outstanding finish quality, accuracy and production scrap optimization

• simple to implement complex geometries

• possible to process sheets from 1000×1000 to 3000×2000 with sources up to 850 W

• finished product after the first laser machining

• latest generation RF laser technology ensures record speeds and productivity

• reduced maintenance and warehouse costs

• robust mechanics designed for heavy stresses and accelerations

• ecosystem friendly

Live our values

Our values guide our love for innovation, technology and the world of the laser. Experiencing them with us means taking an extraordinary journey to explore unknown worlds and look for new goals to conquer.




Every day we build a better future thanks to our ability to dare.



We believe in our work, our fire pushes us beyond the ordinary.



We bring companies the best of the lasers on the market.



We are real people and we follow the customer’s every little need.



Our professionalism is in every single component that we sell.



Everything we do, we do it well.

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